Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation

-Purposes and Activities-
Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation was established in March 1990 for the purposes of managing an art museum, granting scholarships to Japanese and foreign students majored in art, and contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding through international exchanges in art.
The Foundation has been putting a special effort in the scholarship program. This scholarship program, which was started in 1991, is intended to assist Japanese and foreign students recommended by art colleges and universities all over Japan by granting them scholarships and holding exhibitions for the presentation of the results of their studies.
Moreover, the Foundation is offering various types of assistance to these young students to help them become independent artists even after they have finished receiving scholarships.

|Assistance to young artists|
This Foundation is also offering various types of assistance to young artists other than scholarship recipients, including giving them opportunities to publish their works such as exhibitions sponsored by the Foundation or opportunities to promote exchanges between artists overstepping the limits imposed by nationalities and art fields.

Collection of The Sato Museum of Art

|Works exhibited at HANAHAKU|
In 1990, an international exposition of flowers and greenery (HANAHAKU) took place at the Tsurumi Green Tract in the city of Osaka on the theme of "Creating the affluent 21st Century where the Mankind is in Harmony with Nature," and it got into the great news.
In this exposition, the gallery named "Japanese Paintings|Flowers and Greenery" featured new works on the theme of nature by 50 Japanese-style painters representing the Japanese art society and was also very popular among the visitors.
After the exposition, these works were presented to this Museum and formed the base of its collection. Since then, the Museum has been continuously collecting modern Japanese paintings on the theme of nature, especially flowers and greenery.

|Planning of exhibitions|
In addition to granting scholarships for 2 years, the scholarship program of this Foundation plans holding of exhibitions to give opportunities for scholars to publish their works such as Scholarship Recipient Art Exhibitions. The Foundation is also actively planning to hold exhibitions featuring old scholarship recipients who are now active in the art circles, or solo or group exhibitions of works of those artists who are socially-demanded.

|Gallery for rent|
The exhibition hall of this Museum is made available for solo or group exhibitions by young artists or for exhibitions of graduation or study works by a university or college. (A fee is charged through a screening.) For details, contact the secretariat of the Museum.

Open: On Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 a.m.|5:00 p.m.
On Friday 10:00a.m.|7.00p.m.
Closed: On Mondays, year-end and New Year holidays, and at the time of display changes.
Admission: Free

* For special exhibitions, the opening days and hours and admission fees may be separately decided.

Five-minute walk from the Sendagaya Station of JR Soubu Line.
Six-minute walk from the Shinanomachi Station of JR Soubu Line.
Four-minute walk from the A3 exit of the Kokuritsu-Kyougijo Station of the Toei Oedo Line.
Two-minute walk from the Toei Bus Stop for Yotsuya-Dairoku-Shougakko.

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